Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Almost ready...

I am travelling to Europe at the moment, but last week I recieved an email from Hashil, our Administrator... Enjoy ;-))

Well, here everythin’s fine, we are doing GOOD with ZanziBits, but let me update u for what’s going on here…
  • All Computers and It’s Accessories are insured including Battery Backup. All payment are done.
  • We’ve interviewed nearly 50 of them [students], and we got 12 of them and they are really good, very motivated and interesting for the programe.
  • All computers have internet connection now…. Speed is good also…
  • Mr. Masaka doin’ really good here and he’s training me now for Book Keeping and Paper Work, he’s really good to work with him, and he’s very friendly.
  • Rukia [the head trainer] will be here on Friday, I’ll be with her and cooperate with her…
  • On Saturday 19th we’ll gonna call all the 12 students for briefing, Rukia, Hashil, Mr. Masaka and Mr. Aziz will be there.
  • On Tuesday, April 22, 2008 the studies will start and all the students will be there.
  • So many people and students recognize zanzibits now, they still keep on comin’ and asking for chances.
  • And now fundi carpenter finished to make CPU holder, coz as u know we have to remove all the CPU above the table, and by 19th they’ll finish.
  • Now Mr. Masaka is going alone around the narrow streets of Stone Town and he’s really enjoying of being here, he loved the place, I told him day before yesterday to go swimming with me but he was a bit afraid... Hehehe
  • Class room now lookin’ so beautiful and attract.
  • Scanner, Printer, Laser Jet printer and and that two storage (hard disk) all install at the Staff room..
  • In 12 students, 8 are boys and 4 are girls, these 4 girls are really bomba sana, we met them when when were interviewing them, and they’re really charming and serious!

So, well, it sounds as if things are really moving on, and that the stage is set for a great year of film and multimedia and culture and learning!

Students, I wish you the best of luck!


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