Monday, April 28, 2008

Daily activities... a short update.

We are, together with Rukia and Hashil, planning to post a short summary of the daily activities on this blog, just to keep you posted on the progress of the students and life @ Zanzibits...

The first one, by Rukia:

The classes started on Tuesday the 22nd of April, with all the 12 selected students in class. It was a bit tough for me thinking about the language and how I was to communicate but ha! they understand English great. They are bright students and I make them fill in Evaluation forms everyday to know if they understood what we did in class. Today we are on lesson number 5, which is Microsoft Excel... So far, no major issues, we are fine, some rain but the class is strong...

Installing the computers

Mr. Cool...

The three strict interviewers

Hashil speaks to the students

Aziz talking to the fresh students

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