Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Zanzibar Fire Department (By Said S. Juma)

The Zanzibar Fire Department is Located 500 meters from Stone Town at a place called Maisara. This Department deals with fire fighting and it’s a Government institution.The journey to Zanzibar Fire DepartmentIt was on 14 of April 2008, we left Zanzibits and drove to the Zanzibar Fire Department.

It was a pleasure for us to have our first visit in this department because we have learned many things in terms of fire fighting. Our trainer and the administrator knew that it is very important for us to know how to shutdown a fire, it took us 6 minutes to arrive at The Zanzibar Fire Department.

When we arrived, our administrator asked for the permission for us to get in, as you know that is the one among the highest institutions here in Zanzibar. We were allowed to get in and directed one way to the trainer’s office at the fire department; we saluted him and knew each other. He was around 42-50 years old. The man was so kind to us and he discovered what we’ve need to know and he started the lesson about fire. He gave us several definitions in terms of fire and fire fighting.

After that it followed the time to show how fire extinguished practically. He set fire and give us the dry powder to fight with it! I was the first to try to shut it down and I successfully shut it all and there was no fire any more.He set the fire again and asked others to try there ability, but oomph they were not like me, they could not shut down the fire. So he gave us the right instruction and how to handle the tube.

To be honest, we now know how fire is shut down and which kind of fire and its extinguisher.

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