Monday, July 7, 2008

Learning about drugs and their negative effects

On 24th, Mr. farid came for a discussing about DRUGS. It was a really really good programme, because most of the students didn't know much about the effects and implications of using drugs, even the staff as well.

He explained about types of drugs, he talked about how are drug's used, what is drug dependence and addiction and the long term effects od drugs. He also explained how to treat people who are drugs addicted. All the kids and staff were participants during the session, and at the end of the programme, Mr. Farid gave to the kids recap session. One by one they had to explain infront of the class what they had learnt!

Drugs is a common problem of the youth of Zanzibar, and many of the youth in Zanzibar are drugs addicts. Some of them were intelligent and hard working but at the end they finished to use drugs, like Cocaine, Heroin and Marijuana (Bangi).

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