Monday, September 8, 2008

Work & residence permit and making our diploma official

The last months we have been especially been busy organising a work and resident permit for myself, which, until some time ago, was denied by the government. The exact reason why we are still trying to find out, but it had something to do with a foreigner being part of an NGO. Anyways, it was difficult for me to keep faith, because I felt that all the hard work I have put into this project was not appreciated by the government, but since I got my work permit I believe that things are really moving on. Hashil, together with Yussuf are now finalising all affairs, which I hope will make it possible for us to continue to grow, and start 2009 as planned.

After all these matters are solved, it is time to get our curriculum rated and officialised, so that we can start to give out valid Tanzanian diplomas. As we are the first and only school in the whole of Tanzania offering what we offer, we have to start by explaining what we do, how we do it, and what level of expertise the students will have attained by the end of each school year. It will be a task, to say the least, but I truly believe in the importance of an official document.

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