Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Update: Media Lab class from the 6th of October till the 7th of November 2008

Part 2 of the Media Lab class started on the 6th of October. We had a guest MR. Murtalla M. Mzale from WISENET Web Design Company, who had the chance of talking to the students on what should be expected of them in the outside world. Due to the relative small amount of time we have for media Lab this year (the Zanzibits course only started in April and we have had a month of Ramadan in between), we have decided to not follow the exact curriculum that was planned but we decided to concentrate more on making the students experienced. That is by giving them real clients work to work on it.

The first real client is D-tree International.

D-Tree International is going to change the way health care is delivered in developing countries. It is dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare available to the world’s poor by using innovative technology to provide accurate and effective point-of-care diagnosis and treatment, and we are building their website, based on a CMS which is being developed together with a Dutch company.

An overview of the past few weeks

6th – 10th October
- Finishing up with Film Assignments (3Day)
- Democracy Video Challenge and discussing possible topics for democracy in Zanzibar (1day)
- D-tree International Client briefing to the students. (1Day)

13th – 17th October
- Knowing D-tree International.The students started by getting to know the client, by using the Internet to get all information about D-tree International (1day)
- Downloading the D-tree Website and converting to HTML (1Day)
- Designing the flow Chart of D-tree International (2Days)

20th – 24th October
- Learning and using Adobe Reader, Introducing the students to Adobe Reader, what it does and it importance (2days)
- The students also learnt how to convert a document to Adobe Acrobat. Did practice with the flow charts they made for the D-tree International (1 day)
- Content Management System training, training on the use of CMS while updating the website (1day)
- Tutorials on Photoshop, Dream weaver and flash and Briefing of Zanzibits Website (2days)
- Students worked on different tutorials from URLs given to them. The three selected students were being briefed on the Zanzibits Website and the CMS.

27th – 31st October PHP Training
We do not want to teach our students how to program in PHP, but it is very important that they know how to recognise complicated script, and also know what they are talking about, when they join a discussion about databases or scripts.

On Monday we started the lesson with the Installation of MySQL, Apache and PHP on a local machine. On Tuesday we did an introduction to MySQL and PHP: what is mysql, what is PHP, how to create database and how to organize data in tables. On Wednesday we did a lesson on PHP, PHP script, variables and strings. On Thursday we learnt about "if statement and Loop" in PHP. On Friday we learnt about forms, using "PHP $_GET script" how to create forms and how to submit data into database using forms and sql_queries in PHP… sooooo difficult J

3rd – 7th November

D Tree website
Start Design the D-tree web pages on Monday, review the designed pages on Wednesday and submitted the designed pages on Friday to Mussa, who will discuss it with D-Tree next week. We are now designing the main page and the inner pages.

Zanzibits website
We are collecting some content for the website and already editing the CMS. We have made a Zanzibits website team, and they are writing and implementing the content the students, mission, goals, what is Zanzibits, about Zanzibar, etc. Images are being worked on. We are working on the 1st December deadline.

Democracy video challenge
We have had a lot of sessions in the classroom on the video challenge but only to come to the conclusion that making a film about democracy is very difficult. But we are still discussing on the topic.

More to follow...

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