Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Application procedure for the 2009 students

We have started the application procedure for the 2009 students, and we can say that the amount of popularity we have gained in one year is amazing. Applicants are thronging the hallways, and I am happy to say that there are almost as many female applicants as there are male applicants. Of course, we have upgraded our selection procedures, and the application exam is a lot (A LOT) more difficult than last year.

Of course, we do not expect our potential students to know anything about computers and such, but a minimal English knowledge is required, and we are looking for youths who are not too shy and are also highly motivated. And of course, we are true to our mission, and we are only accepting applicants from poor backgrounds.

And so, the new students for the year 2009 – 2010 have started to come in for their interviews. Some students came in via our partnering organisations, but some of the kids who came to Zanzibits heard of our existence friends, family or students of the class of 2008. So far, so good.

The procedure

The procedure goes as follows: students come in and write down their name. Then it’s time for a short interview (this is really helpful to get an idea of their English knowledge) before giving them application from. They get 2 hours for this application procedure, and most of the students who have applied are good and fit the profile.

The first few days we had over 60 applicants. On the last day of interviews, we called in 36 students. We started at 09.00 in the morning until we took a break to go for lunch. Then we went on from 14.30 till 18.00. We think that there is so much talent around, and we are happy to say that we are confident that these kids are going to be great students. After the last candidate left, we started to review our comments on each and every student to see how he/she would fit the general profile and make a final evaluation. After some ours of reviewing, we decided on the 30 students to take.

The procedure was a great success. And now some time for a little holiday :)

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