Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Daily activities

Every morning we have a warm up game, to get the minds and the hearts flowing with creativity... One day we do back writing, where one student writes something on the back of the other, and the other has to guess what is being written. On other days one student comes and stands in front of the class and the audience (other students) give him or her a color which best represent them. Then we rotate, so that everyone gets a chance to 'know' his or her colour. On yet other days we play the technical terms game: each student writes a term that he or she has learned on a piece of paper, and then another student picks it out of the had and has to define it.

We like to practice while playing :))

After the warm up games, the student are asked about their homework, and if they have questions. Homework is always a followup of the previous day. Subjects we have covered in the past few days:

- colors, what they are and how they work and the ways they can be combined;
- color and personality, the meaning of color in artistic work, especially desiging;
- using google, image search and advanced seach methods;

After the morning class, there is always a possibility to break for lunch, and in the afternoon we practice what we've learnt in the morning classes.

I'm actually quite proud of the 2009 students, as they are really growing fast. Well done, students.


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