Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Color, culture & tribes

The topic of today was the understanding of the cultural aspects of color. Teacher rukia started the class by asking the students the meaning of culture and how color relates to culture. The students then had to explain what they know about color and culture. After this Rukia asked them do a warm up exersice, in which the students had to explain what they know on their own culture and how they use color in this aspect. The goals was for the students to understand the aspects of their tradition. Also we got to know the color of each tribe in Zanzibar, and their meaning. The students really we enjoyed this warm up because they all got the chance to explain their own culture together with the color that they use.

After the warm up fished Rukia gave the students an assignment, the assignment was to go online and search their tribal color then to see what this color meant for their other tribes. After the research was done, they were asked to present their results to the rest of the class.

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