Monday, April 6, 2009

Good news...

Well, here another letter from Said, a Zanzibits alumni who works at Zanzibar Gallery! This is what we need! Good going, guys!

Dear Guy,

ZG Design likes Zanzibits' students and now they need some one else to sit at my position and I will go on the other level. The main web developer at the ZG Design is leaving, he is going for further studies at UK, so at the ZG Design now, I'll be the main web designer and web developer and other student who will come tomorrow for the interview will be my assistant.

I recommend Shaib for this position and I have already tell him every thing about the ZG Design and what he will be doing at the Company. They want to show their films online, so we will be responsible for everything concerning the Website. Tomorrow I'll start the Design of the Website :))

Tomorrow, the ZG Design Marketing manager is going to communicate with The Zanzibits, I give them full contact of the Zanzibits.



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