Friday, July 31, 2009

Zanzikids party @ Kidutani Primary School

After three weeks of film lessons, the Zanzibits students, in cooperation with the Zanzikids children, decided to have party, to celebrate the big success they had during ZIFF and to show the children and their families the films they had made. The screening was held at the Kidutani nursery school, right on the edge of Stone Town.

The party was on Thursday the 9th of July and started at 16.00 hours. We started out with a short summary of all the happenings going to take place during the afternoon. In short,

- watching the animation films
- henna painting
- face painting for the little ones
- drawing
- a quiz held for the kids
- dancing and singing .

The party was a real success because we got a lot of guests who came responded to the invitation. And they really liked what they saw. Now, thanks to the great help of Zanzikids, the HKU and of course Debbie and Ruben, we can say that we are the true experts of making stop motion animation films in Zanzibar. After the ‘formalities’, the kids got popcorn and lollypops and we dances to the music the DJ was spinning.

As said, the day was a great success, and the children were enjoying themselves as ever :)

Thanks everyone for making this day so special!

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