Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our neighborhoods!

There is nothing as good as knowing your own neighborhood, appreciating everything in it and helping making it a better place for all. At the moment, the students are busy working on their final neighborhood website design templates, and next week we start with development phase next week.

I’m impressed by the learning curve and how the students are moving up a notch day by day. Below is the list of the projects and themes each student has chosen to make a website for:

• Hakim - Dhow Building in Nungwi
• Najim - House of window
• Zainab - Magic stone town
• Abeid - Golden street
• Eliza - Soko Mwanakwerekwe
• Khamis - Mode of transport
• Rauhiya - Maendeleo ya biashara
• Salum - Vitoweo vyetu Zanzibar
• Abdallah - Sisi kwa sisi local furniture
• Rashid - Zanzibar Vesper motorcycle
• Ashiraff - ICT Zanzibar
• Said - Ngawira mahindi
• Ghania - Kwerekwe yams
• Omar - Cloves in Zanzibar
• Bure - Kuna wengi maskani

(The screenshot below are still in development; a lot of work is still in progress… so expect more soon :)

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Anonymous said...

my name is Moiz Husein and iam a photographer in dar es salaam.

i can say the work samples done by the beginners are awesome..iam sure we going to see more from these students and the best is yet to come..i wish you all the very best in your work and training.

if i can be of your any help please feel free to contact me ( below )

thanks and regards
Moiz Husein
M : +255 715 55 55 36
E :