Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Training Of Trainers (TOT) and get connected

The TOT program is going on well and the trainers are putting in practice what they have learnt. At the moment they are also working on the dream company assignment that involves creativity and exploring different tools and styles towards a subject of their choice.

On the other hand students will be designing their personal blogs which will act as their online resume. They will share a snapshot of their work from course 1, 2/3 and media lab, school life and other interesting topics.

This lesson helps both the students and trainers improve in creative writing skills, documentation and learn how to communicate effectively to different audience using text and pictures. Strict guidance is observed for example no content that supports or contributes to politics, racism, tribalism or religion etc, will be allowed. But it is geared towards positive contribution. See the trainer’s blogs:

• Salama Hajji – website http://salamab.blogspot.com/
• Mbarak Ali Mbarak - website http://muba1.blogspot.com/

In addition we have covered lessons on how to deal with different clientele and target groups within design. Now we shift our minds to writing and reporting with the objective of sharing and inspiring others through our work, achievements and dreams.

On the technical side we will use the blog assignment as a platform for the students to understand the other side of web development focusing on content management frameworks which makes the website dynamic and easy to manage.

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