Sunday, January 24, 2010

From nothing to something in 3 weeks...

The third week of Zanzibits course 1 term 1 of 2010 is nearing the end. The students are now conversant with the concept of a computer and have knowledge of some of Microsoft packages such as Word and Excel.

The students were also happily surprised to be introduced to Photoshop, which for them was totally new software; everybody was asking a lot of questions about Photoshop. Some of the students thought the software was too challenging, but with encouragement from the trainers, they have now become more familiar with it. So much so, that they are now able to design logos, posters, business cards, CD covers and work with their own photos.

The course has reached the point where each student has a personal e-mail address and is happy with the course.

Here are a few quotes from our new students

  • "I have never thought before about Zanzibits courses but am happy with the course and it is very different to other courses. I wish to learn more and hope I will be selected to continue with the rest of the course"
  • "I was not aware of the concept of design but now that I am I know how to use colour, picture, fonts, and understand the theme of a concept"
  • "Personally before I started the course, I was afraid and very shy. I could not talk in front of a group of people. Now I feel as if I could even address a meeting of the leaders of the G8"

In general Zanzibits is not only about learning computer skills but also interaction with people, presentation skills, confidence building, field excursions and much, much more.

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