Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Zanzibits and the Sounds of Wisdom - Sauti za Busara!!

The Sauti za busara music festival is one among the biggest music festivals in East Africa. It consists of a lot of activities, and Zanzibits NGO was invited as a volunteer organisation to support the visual aspect of the festival.

We got the opportunity to help displaying the videos of the performing artists and run Powerpoint presentations of some activities, like the promotion of merchandise, show logos of sponsors and do the VJing of the big finale party.

It was a wonderful festival for the Zanzibits staff and students, as we have experienced different things, like how to talk to production people, how to do screenings in public, in front of people who come from many different countries. It was also a great experience to have a working relation between Zanzibits and Busara Promotions. Many people were asking around who had made video and Powerpoint presentation, and when they heard that the presentations were made at Zanzibits, we received a lot of compliments.

Apart from video and presentation, some of the Zanzibits alumni were on the scene helping out with different activities like doing and audience survey. In the end, we had a chance to relax, view all the cool artists and we received certificates with perfect marks!!

Thanks Sauti za Busara for this chance. Next year, we will be with you again :))

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