Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Course three on a roll

Our Web Design course begins during the second week of April.

This is the third stage of the Zanzibits courses. It deals with web designing and film making.

In this course students learned how to make their own website from scratch. And at the end of the course every student will be able to have two or more websites with different design templates.

In course three there are two projects of designing websites: a neighbourhood and a cultural project. For the first project, students make a website about their neighbourhood and its surroundings. And for the second project they choose one aspect of culture here in Zanzibar and make a website of it.

Another part of course three is film classes. In the film classes we have guest teachers from Holland who come to Zanzibits. These guest teachers will come to give lessons for two months on how to make a short film and animation movie. These projects will show on the big screen at the kids party during Ziff festival.

Course three will take three to four months.

Additionally, during the third week of April we will be given new lessons about business plans from one of our guest teachers. This will be a very interesting topic for our students. Stay with us for the next entry to see what happened during the session, we hope it will be of interest to you.

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