Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Excursion to Zala Park & Kizimkazi historical sites

Zanzibits went on a fascinating excursion last week. They visited the Zanzibar Land Animals Park (Zala Park) and the historical site at Kizimkazi (mosque and Mwana wa Miza Cave).
The aim of this excursion was to give the students, an insight into their heritage and the cultural diversity of various communities living in different parts of Zanzibar.

This visit will certainly inspire the students to implement their new cultural project. Culture is not only learning about the historical evidence of a civilization in museums, it is also learned by studying socially transmitted behaviour patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and the environment we live in.

The students visited Zala Park and its animal and reptile species like turtles, snakes, chameleons etc. Mr Ali, a very helpful guide at Zala Park enabled the students to learn much about animal behaviour; their habitat and their eating habits.
They asked a lot of questions about the animals and were also given explanations on how the Park was managed.

At Kizimkazi, the students visited the Mwana wa Miza Cave and learned about its history and how the Kizimkazi inhabitants have used this everlasting magical source of pure water for centuries.
Some students were able to enter the cave to see its inexhaustible waters and the representation of a lady called Miza who according to the ancient legend turned into stone.

Finally, they visited the village mosque and where the Imam (the spiritual head of the mosque) narrated its history and those who built this ancient monument.

Everyone was very impressed by this tour which was instructive and very enlightening.

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