Thursday, June 24, 2010

Visitors from Butterfly work

Last week Zanzibits had some visitors! Hanja, the consultant of Mamabits in Nairobi and the project coordinator for Butterfly Works, and her husband came to Zanzibits to see all of our activities.
After arriving in Zanzibits they had a chance to see many of our locations. They visited our office, meeting room, class room and the new al-riyamibits class room. The al-riyambits classroom is small computer room for al-riyami academy students which is part of Zanzibits.
In addition to seeing our locations they also got a chance to see the students' works. They enjoyed seeing the websites, animation videos, and posters while asking different questions about the Zanzibits and Al-riyamibits projects.
Actually the whole experience was very impressive to them. And not only was it great for them to have seen in Zanzibits, but also for Zanzibits to be visited by these very important guests.

Welcome again Hanja, we hope Zanzibits made you feel at home!

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