Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Volunteer Teacher of HTML

This week we had an opportunity of getting a volunteer teacher from The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) Mr.Ibrahim Abdul-rahman, he is ready to work as volunteer in Zanzibits by teaching the students Hyper Text Mark up Language (HTML) lesson for a one week,
The teacher start to introduce him self and the students also, this will make them to know each other while the course is continue.

The class started yesterday by asking the students some questions about HTML, to know if they had an idea about the topic, some of the students tried to answer the questions, after that he start to give them the introduction of HTML, and some example by using Notepad (Text Editor), to make them understand better what they have learned,

He continues to explain about the concept of HTML and key concept of HTML and shows the students some codes of html and its function.

The students are happy with the class and they hope that they will learn a lot from the teacher and will help them in the coming lesson.

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