Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oficial Opening Of Alriamibits Class

Zanzibits’s new partnership class, Alriymbits is on it’s way! We have bought nine new computers and installed Windows software for learning.

Everyone wanted to see the class start as soon as possible and everyone is excited that the dream is becoming a reality.

Salama, Zanzibits’s main trainer, started off the first session by thanking the Zanzibits and Alriyamibits founders and teachers and then she named the students who had been specially selected to participate in the new class. She also explained the rules and regulations of Alriyamibits to everyone.

After she spoke, she gave the teachers, principal and other staff members an opportunity to say something about the project. Everyone who spoke said how much they appreciated the hard work of Zanzibits in getting this project started. Everyone was very excited.

After the introductions, the classroom was finally opened! Everyone took a tour and finally got to see the classroom and workstations for the first time.

Class started the next day with an introduction to computers and Microsoft Word and Excel, Photoshop, presentation skills and the internet.

Congratulations everyone!

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