Friday, December 10, 2010


The application period for 2011 Zanzibits students is now closed. We are happy to announce that at present there is almost parity between female and male applicants, even though a few candidates did not show up to their interviews.

As always, we do not expect our students to know anything about computers, but a minimal knowledge of English is required. We are looking for youth who are respectful, not too shy, and are highly motivated to study and learn. True to our mission, we are accepting applications only from youths from poor backgrounds who would otherwise not be able to continue with the goal of learning and mastering computer skills.

Interviews have already started for the class of 2011. So far the process is going well and we have filled sixteen of an expected thirty-two slots.

The process takes nearly two years: Students come in for a short initial interview; which is helpful for getting an idea of their proficiency in English, and register their names before taking an application. Most of the students who have applied are very qualified.

On December 12 those candidates who are accepted will be informed of their status and invited to come on Monday (the 13th) for a short introductory presentation about Zanzibits. And, it should also be added, they will be invited to attend the final graduation ceremony of the class of 2010.

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