Thursday, January 6, 2011

First day 2011 Lot One course 1 start

After a short break the Zanzibits School officially reopened for the 2011 term, featuring a new group of Zanzibits students. It was good first day of school. The entire new class was present to welcome a new staff member to our team, Mr. Jaku, who was a student last year.
The session began with the introduction of the trainers and students then reviewed the Zanzibits rules and regulations, including the respectful treatment of one another.
Once the students had been issued workbooks, folders, rulers, and pens, the main trainer Mbarak started on the first lesson, which covered how computers work. The trainer asked the students to describe what they understood about computers. After a discussion, the trainer provided a short history of the computer and an overview of its different parts, as well as tips on using the mouse and typing on the keyboard.
The students got to see what a computer looks like on the inside and learned about each component and its particular function.
Later that afternoon Mbarak continued the session, defining the software and hardware elements of the computer. By the end of the lesson all the students understood various computer functions and were familiar with the components.

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