Monday, March 21, 2011

Zanzibits’ Greatest Week

March 8th was an exciting day for Zanzibits. Alexander( chairman of stitching Zanzibits in the Netherlands) was visiting from Holland. He has been helping Zanzibits in numerous ways.

He helped us share our ideas and possibly in finding funding in Holland.
But because Zanzibits is now run by local youth, our discussions were more about our mission for 2011, which is to find local funds in Tanzania and East Africa in general.

On March 9th Hanke from HKU (the School of Art in Holland) and Mr. Juma Bakri the managing director of TASUBA (Taasisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo) arrived from Bagamoyo. TSUBA is a semi autonomous government institute that provides training, research and consultancy service in arts and culture.

The Zanzibits team, Alexander, Hanke and Mr. Juma met to discuss different activities concerning both Zanzibits and TASUBA. Although the meeting was brief it was just enough time to discuss some important agendas.

First, there was an introduction between Zanzibits and TASUBA to see if we can work together.

There was also discussion on how we are going to develop the Zanzibits career from certificate level to diploma level. Since TASUBA is currently at the diploma level, Mr. Juma was extremely helpful in explaining which steps we should follow to reach our goal.

Additionally, we discussed what to do as a team for Kazi Kichizi, a new and innovative service in Tanzania which links talented, creative minds to potential employers and work opportunities. Assignments could include everything from film to web design, fine arts, theater, animation and music.

And lastly, all of our visitors were welcomed to meet current students' and alumni works and were duly impressed with our program. All in all it was a very successful visit!

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