Saturday, August 27, 2011

Film Class in Progress(Final Projects)

Film class is in progress, and now the students are making their own films in order to put into practice what they have learned under the supervision of their teachers.

The students had lessons in storytelling, screenwriting, and drawing storyboards, as well as how to use the camera and more. All of this prepared them well for the current stage, the final project.
The teachers divided the students into three groups. Each group was assigned to come up with a story and script, and then to film the project with the help of their teachers.

These are the students' film titles:
• "Unforgettable Sadness" (group one)
• "Stepmother" (group two)
• "Suggestion Box" (group three)

During the film shoot some of the students experienced challenges, especially with acting -- we all know that it takes experience to be a good actor -- but the teachers were there to help make things easier.

After finishing this step, the students started editing their movies. The deadline for submitting this assignment was 12th August 2011. Their next assignment is about Ramadan in Zanzibar

Good going guys!!!!

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