Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mini graduation Course three 2011

After eight months of lessons, Zanzibits students completed Course Three -- web design and film making -- and are now anticipating the final course, which is media lab.

Completion of Course Three was marked by a mini-graduation, to which parents were invited to see the exciting and almost unbelievable results of the teachers’ efforts and the children’s hard work to reach their goals.

The mini-graduation took place in school at 40:00 pm and started with the introduction of the Zanzibits staff. Then the students in turn introduced themselves to the audience and presented examples of the brilliant work accomplished over the eight-month Zanzibits course.

During a break in the program, the students got the chance to present a small surprise of the film they had made during the course. It was amazing work that students made for a short time that they have been learning.

After the presentation, the guest of honour - the project coordinator of American corner English club, Mr. Mbarouk Kheir – spoke about what he had just seen during the presentation. He was very impressed with the amazing work by the students.

Mr. Mbarouk took the time to thank the parents for attending the graduation; he encouraged the students to learn more every day so that they can build on their knowledge and become even better at their work. Also he advice students after finishing their course in Zanzibits to go and join his club so that they can learn English language and improve their knowledge

When Mr. Mbarouk had finished his speech, he took the opportunity to award the course completion certificates to the graduates and gave honours to those who did especially well on their exam. Finally, the parents offered their advice to the students and trainers to take advantage of these opportunities, that it would help them in the future.

The graduation was very well-organized and everyone was pleased with the whole program. The students eagerly wait to know if they will continue with the media lab course. Hopefully no one will drop out in this year, which would be great news for Zanzibits.

At the time of this writing, school was closed for one week break so that teachers can get a good time of planning new timetable for media lab which is starting next week.

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