Monday, October 17, 2011

All students made it to Media Lab 2011

For the past 8 months, the Zanzibits students were working to achieve course one, two and three.
Now they have successfully made it to the media lab level. The media lab course started on the 19th of September. Salama and the team introduced the students to what they are going to do and reminded them the rules and regulations, as they are required to remember these. And respect these rules ?

Most of the time, the Media Lab students will study by themselves, through research by internet more and more. In short, they will put whey they have been learning from course one to course three, into practice. Of course, they will be given help from the team when needed. This system teaches students how to work alone because soon, after finishing Zanzibits, most of them wil get a job opportunity which will make them independent.

The goal of the media lab, over the next four months, is to start a project, which we call "Dream Company". This will be their final project, and this will be what they will be graded on. They will be coming with their own ideas of opening company and they make a website, business card, poster, logo and a short film for it.

In the previous years, before the media lab course, some students are dropped from the Zanzibits academy, according to their insurbodination, lack of study time or non respect of the rules. But this year we are proud to say that all 2011 students will continue with the course (media lab) because of their respect and good performance in class.

Students were happy with the result and came up with the surprise to show their happiness. It was a large cake, whereby all staff and students had the change to have a piece, and it was a celebration day. They end up chanting in choir "WE ARE HAPY TO BE A MEDIA LAB STUDENTS IN 2011".

Congratulations, and the best!!

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