Wednesday, December 14, 2011

HTML Class

The 2011 Zanzibits students are so lucky! Two weeks agoa Zanzibits alumni, Abdulrahman Majid (who is now managing the ZanzibitsClub)volunteered to give them a basic HTML (hyper text markup language) and CSS (cascading style sheet)course.

Both of these technologies are used in designing the web-pages(websites),and the students learned a lot in two weeks. Even though it was hard to understandthe lesson in the beginning, later onthe students felt more comfortable and did a lot of exploring.

The course started with introduction to html along with css. The next two days they were given an assignment to make correction for their dream company’s websites.

Their final projects(DREAM COMPANIES) show that they had successfully mastered the lessons, since all of the students came up with extraordinary ideas and designs.We look forward to posting these on the blog soon!The lesson ended up on the 9th. All students were satisfied and appreciated the help of Bob Man (Abdulrahman).

They thanked him and suggested that even other alumni should come to volunteer for other subjects.Well students, in a few weeks you will be alumni, so we hoop you will volunteer a lot

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