Monday, March 19, 2012

Mini graduation Lot2 course 1

The second lot had successfully completed first course with mini
graduation as first lot did. The graduation's venue was at the school
where Zanzibits NGO based, through a monthly course they were bestowed
with the practical knowledge in computer skills such as ms word,
excel, adobe Photoshop (graphics design) as well as internet.

The graduates grabbed the viewers' attentions with their surprising
and technical presentation skills, this made every witness interested
in the presentation and the surprise which awarded by the students to
their beloved teachers.

This time the student came up with the nice song which dedicated to
their trainers, the song said "we have nothing to give you except a
million of thanks"

The first course has finished for both lots and as for now we are
looking forward to start the second course that will be reformed by
the eighteen qualified students who met the requirements. The class
start this week.

All the best!!

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