Thursday, May 17, 2012

Neighborhood Project

It is almost a week since we posted an entry about third course
development, this course entitled as web designing and filmmaking. The
course is intensive visual design training, technical skills for
designing and building websites along with making films.

The course paves the ways to Web Lab and working with clients. We
normally work with triple of projects in this course.
The neighborhood is the initial from the course's framework, it
stipulates individual performance.

As we've outspokenly explained in the past posts that our students are
taught how to adopt the creative approaches so that they become
capable of coming up with eye-catching website designs.

The film project will be at the middle to be implemented, and the
Cultural project will be the final project, under this project the
trainers will group the students and they will have to perform the
team works, critically, each group should come up with distinctive
topic corresponds to Zanzibar Culture.

Students started learning the elements of layout for website
(template) as well as navigations and structuring information in the
adobe Photoshop.
We're hoping they will master all they are taught in this course.

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