Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Electricity in Zanzibar (This may be one of the last posts for a while...)

Hi all. A very good morning to you.

Things are going well with Zanzibits. The students are really progressing, the atmosphere is great, lunches are sweet, excursions interesting, the teacher has it all under control, guest speakers are making a great impression on both us and the students, so I must admit that the first month and half has been a success.

We have finished the first course, with good scores all round.

But, I am sad to say, Zanzibar is having a problem which will have a great effect on Zanzibits. The marine electricity cable linking Zanzibar with the main land, has been ruptured. We don't exactly know what has happened, but the results are measurable: no electricity for more than 8 days, and the forcast is at least another month without power.

Of course, as I am, keeping a hand on the purse-strings, I had not yet bought the backup generator wich was budgeted. The inverter charger system I did buy, which has helped us stay 'online' untill friday afternoon (thank you guys @ umemejuma.com) but now we are completely out of juice. And that, for a multimedia college, is not really appreciated. Tomorrow morning Hashil and I will take the first boad to Dar, to see if we can find a good and afforable generator, to take back with us on the afternoon boat... keep your fingers crossed.

In the meanwhile, what does one do without electricity and a classroom full of multimedia students? Well, Wilson, who is in town this week, has loads of ideas up his sleeve; good you're here, W!

Today, I have planned a a visit to the butterfly farm in Pete, giving the kids their first digital imaging lesson (we have camara's with conventional batteries), in combination with a class on colours. Great combination, don't you think :-)) And Farid is coming along, so that will make for interesting discussions along the way!

So we're surviving, and making the best of it all.

Greetings and I'll try to keep you posted.


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