Thursday, June 12, 2008

Week of May 26th – 30th - Second week without electricity in Zanzibar again...

We had a guest trainer for the week (Wilson Masaka), who came to relieve Rukia who was away for the week. The students learnt a lot with Masaka including; Photography, Creativity (Thinking out of the box) and Public speaking.

On Tuesday the 27th the students went for an excursion at the Zanzibar Butterfly Center (PETE) which was a whole day event. Apart from them learning about the different breeds' butterfly, they also learnt about how it is helpful to the environment and this is the biggest Butterfly center in Eastern Africa. They experienced the use of a still camera and video camera plus they interacted with the staff there by asking them different questions and their English tested (there was no Swahili speaking).

Masaka's experience is that he had fun with the students and also learnt a lot from them. He also believes that they have really improved with their work, interaction with others. He thinks that this is a good start and the end will be great.

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