Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back to class

On the 17th we had a very interesting session whereby Guy did a demonstration on how to make a website (from selecting the topic to publishing it online). On the 18th June, we had a guest speaker, Mr. Yusuf from the Tanzania Red cross. His talk was about First Aid. He started by introducing himself, what the Red Cross is, how it was started and what they do.

Mr. Yusuf also described how they help people in different circumstances, like helping displaced people and give First Aid services. He defined what first Aid was, it's importance and how you can help a person before taking him/her to thehospital. All the students were really excited and clearly understood the advantages of First Aid. In the coming week, we are planning to do a practical frist aid exercise with mr. Yuffuf.

Good news: On Thursday the 19th Electricity was back. :))))))

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