Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finding jobs for our students

On 6th of October we opened ZANZIBITS after two weeks Holiday, which was to celebrate the end of the Holy Month Of Ramadan and Eid al Fitr. In those two weeks of Holiday, we sent letters to many companies in Zanzibar to introduce our school and explain to them what our students are learning, and what they should be able to do, at the end of the course.

Many companies responded, like Zanzibar Gallery (ZG), WISENET, International Education & Sports Consultants (I.E.S.C), Dhow Countries Music Academy, Television Zanzibar (T.V.Z), Zanzibar Theater Group, Zanzibar Furaha Cable TV and so on.

Have decided to have one of student for employment for updating their Website, they are waiting for our students to finish their course in order to employ one of them.

On 10th of October, Mr. Murtala M. Mzale, the founder of this Company, came to visit ZANZIBITS to brief the students on what he is doing, what he’s looking for in potential candidates and how he can help the students’ training, as he’s a professional in web designin.

From this American NGO, a group of six peoples came to visit Zanzibits on the 21st of October. They have several schools in Africa, and in Zanzibar there’s one and it’s near ZANZIBITS. They are teaching only English Language, they were really amazed with our project.

It’s a group of tradition music and film making, they need a Website for their group, soon they’ll send to us details about it, and we can make them an offer.

So far, on October 28, one lady called Rose, from England, visited Zanzibits. She is in the process of opening and NGO in Zanzibar, which will deal with finding employment for Zanzibar youths. Another thing they’re planning to to is to translate in Audio from English to Swahili some movies and series from abroad… she was a very nice lady and was speaking excellent Swahili, also.

Unfortunately our students didn’t get a chance to participate in joining of Documentary Film about Livingstone and Stanley. It would have been a good thing for them, but they were to shy, during the interview. The good thing is about this, though, is that our kids will spend more of their time Web Designing.

Zanzibits is known now in almost all Stone Town, and many potential students (for the year of 2009) come each and every day to try to get a chance of joining the project. Many seems intelligent in the way they are talking, but we haven’t started the selection procedure for next year yet. We will start giving out application forms in December.

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