Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Progress report

From the 7th of November untill the 14th of December is the time for our the students to prepare for the final evaluation and the big graduation day, planned on the 16th of December 2008. Students are working on different projects, mainly their own portfolio websites, the D Tree website, the new and improved Zanzibits website, the Democracy video challenge and some other small projects.

The venue we have chosen for the Graduation of the class of 2008 is the Kidutani primary school, the same location we used for the Zanzikids presentation during the ZIFF festival. It’s a good place and everyone knows its location. Of course we organised chairs, a microphone with speakers and DJ set, for some comic relief. Hashil also organized an MC, who is a really funny guy called Othman, aka Makombora. He is a very famous artist in Zanzibar and Tanzania, and since he Zanzibits before we is willing to participate at our closing ceremony. It’s going to be Bomba!

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