Thursday, January 15, 2009

Almost time for the new students: big maintenance

After having finished 2008, we took a short 2 week holiday, over chirstmas and new year’s, even tough Hashil, Salama and Mbarak were at school almost every day. We have done the maintenance of painting the floors in the common area’s again, to give the school a fresh look, for a fresh start.

Also, we fixed extra outlet sockets, new network cables for the new study room, changed the kitchen around some. Last Saturday and Sunday were spent on the painting of the Classroom and the office, and changing of tube lights and others.

Mbarak and Suleiman, the two new trainees, along with Jaffar, and ex student, were painting while Hashil was there as an electrician, placing new electric sockets and lights. Hashil, you are a jack of all trades :)

Salama was there either to give us a hand.

This time we applied a light blue colour, instead of the Zanzibits blue, as all the shops in Zanzibar didn’t have the enamel paint, was. We even tried to order from Dar es Salaam, but everybody was busy over there, so we went with the light blue, which turned out great..

Rukia also came back from her vacation to Kenia safely and in good health. We thank god for that. She came to Zanzibits to observe the maintenance, and I believe she was pleased with the results. Welcome back, Ruks.

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