Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ready to rumble

After the big maintenance we bought three new computers from Stone Town Traders, Zully's shop, with whom we are now partnering up to get good gear at good prices (thanks, Zully, for thinking with us on that one) which we have installed in the new training and study room. Then we changed the lay out of the office, to acomodate our 2 new trainees, Salama and Mbarak and hung up the great big Zanzibits banner Hashil had made for the graduation.

We also added tree new computers to the main classroom, to accomodate the 15 students we are having this year, instead of the 12 we had in 2008. So in total we have 6 new machines, which was our goal for the end of 2008.

Zanzibits is ready to recieve the new batch of students, which will be arriving on monday!

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