Monday, March 23, 2009

Class updates & ID card

Today we started by explaining to the students about the day's lesson, but before that we did a warm up exercise, by writing a number uing the entire body, with the floor as a back ground :) After they we continue with the image craft lesson, where students are tought to think outside of the box by mixing two image and making it to be one image. Once the students finished they presented their work to the others... one by one, to train their presentation skills. In another exercise we had the students draw their face by looking into a spoon. And, of course, when they finished they had to present it.

We also started to make the student ID cards, which we did not have last year. Each card has a picture, a student number and the name of the student, so that the Zanzibits students can be identified from other Alriyami Academy youth. Cool isn't it?


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