Thursday, March 19, 2009

Briefing of the course 2 students

All the students who were selected to course two came for a briefing yesterday (only two students didn’t show up - one we could not reach and the other one was sick).

We had invited the Assistant Principal of the Alriyami institute to be there. He give them a good speech and they all liked it. And so did we. He told them to work hard, they are not only going to study and better their lives within Zanzibar, but that, once they were done with their course, some will get the opportunity to work abroad... so they have to study hard and show respect, and be thankful that they have recieved this opportunity. Then he went on to explain some of the Academy rules and regulations.

We then told the students that their studies will officially start on Monday (only 3 days delay, which is quite a feat! I think we can be proud of ourselves). We have let the girls to back to their homes and we ask the boys to remain at the school because there are some small small works they can give us a hand with, which of course they readily accepted! Thanks guys!

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