Thursday, March 19, 2009

A small delay, but the maintenance is almost finished

The maintenance to the new premises are going well, but it’s hot, very, very hot! But we want the school to be finished as soon as possible, so we're making a sprint. When the fundis (work men) are working you have to stay close to them, as if you are not around it will take a lot longer to finish the job. And the job is bigger than expeced.

Yesterday we were planning to finish the carpentry work, but there was a lot more wood work to be done, so we took on another carpenter to help fix the tables to the walls in the classrooom. Thanks to that, all tables were installed by six thirty in the evening. Then it was time for the other fundi carpenter to finish to clean all the shutters and put in the windows. Now all that is left is to attach echt shutter in the windows, a job which will be finished today in the afternoon. Tomorrow morning we will apply blue color to the floor of the classroom and the office as well... and... well, that’s all that is left.

We were expecting to start the classes on wednesday, but as you've realised the premises were not completely finished yet, as it’s better for all fundis to finish their work in properly. Which they are doing, as even Miss Shadya, the Director of the Alriyami academy came upstairs to see our premises was really amazed, she gives two thumbs up... Thanks Shadya.

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