Monday, March 16, 2009

Letter from Said, one of our 2008 graduates

Dear Mussa,

I have a job at the ZG Design (Zanzibar Gallery) since the 17th of February 2009. They take me as a WEB DESIGNER and I have already designed 2 websites. I use an APPLE MAC OS X (MAC PRO) in all my designs and WINDOWS for the FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Also I have another responsibility here in ZG Design; they have a website that is selling photos online, so, the job of resizing those photos in 4 different sizes is upon me. So most of the time I'm dealing with the photos and if the Client come and need a website I make them the designs. Everything is just fine here, no problem so far! They pay me a good starting salary, but we are not in contract yet. They are still testing me!

To be honest; every thing, I mean the knowledge that I use in this JOB and the ability to get this JOB was from ZANZIBITS. I use knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver that I learn at the zanzibits shool, and I know how to use apple computers because of the Zanzibits School.

That’s all about me at the ZG Design, and I just wanted to thank you guys for making it possible for me to do such a job.



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