Monday, March 9, 2009

Expanding possibilities - partnership with the Alriyami Academy

Since the end of last year we have been looking at new ways to develop our concept. In 2008 we had 12 students, 9 of which made it to media lab. This year we started out with two groups of 15 students, 15 of which will hopefully go on to the Media Lab. This year we also have two trainees, many guest speakers and a lot of new activities going on!

In other words, we are growing fast. Too fast? No, definately not too fast, but one thing was sure: our location was too small to capacitate the 2009 version of Zanzibits. Were were on the lookout for something new, bigger and better.

And about a month ago we found exactly what we were looking for. A large, light building, in the center of Stone Town. And even better, the building houses the Alriyami Academy, a school for Zanzibar students of all age groups. And what better way to be close to our target group? I can't find any!

The contracts were signed last week, and we are now making a few renovations, preparing the electricity backup systems, installing the generator and making the premises ready for action. We plan to have fully moved to the new premises by next week wednesday, and classes will continue as planned, without any interruption.

Good going, guys!

Some pictures.

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