Friday, March 6, 2009

Course one is finished! Congratulations, students!

On Wednesday the 04 of March it was a graduation day for the second lot of students who followed the first course (behind the scenes). The ceremony started at 10:00am and lasted up to 1:00 pm and was opened by Mbarak. He welcomed the students and discussed the agenda.

After this the students got the chance to presents their work one by one, in an alphabetical order, including their posters and CD covers. Then the students received their certificate from no one less than Mohammed and Shaibu, two Zanzibits Graduates of last year. The gave some advise to the students, that they should work together and help each other with their studies.

Salama and Mbarak then thanked the students for their good cooperation and input, from the first day that they were at Zanzibits until the graduation day, which will be the last day for some of them.

Rukia, the head teacher of Zanzibits advised the students not to stay at home and wait for a job to come and find them, but go out and try to find a follow up course, or a job in a cyber café, or something of the sort, because of the basic knowledge they have already gained.

The advice she gave for the ones who will get the chance to move on to course two to study hard, because course one is just the beginning, and it will get a lot more difficult as we go on.

Finally, the student had some snacks and drinks and enjoyed themselves. They took a group pictures with their certificates in hand! All students were happy.

It was a great day for them, and a great day for us!!


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