Sunday, June 28, 2009

Film Class

As we always do we started the class with a warm up game. Today it was a game invented by Debbie and Rube: we had to sing a funny Dutch song. The lyrics were really hard to pronounce, but in the end of the day we got it right ;-)

Then the class started with a film camera introduction, the workings of a DV camera, how to record direct voice by way of an external speaker, the good time of day for shooting video and the differences between camera lenses. Sorry to say that this was a theory class, because the camera had some problems, but on Monday Debbie and Ruben are going to show us all of the things we learnt in practice.

We made some funny video’s with the Zanzibits camera, on the Alriami grounds. Debbie and Ruben are going to edit it and they are going to show us how they did the editing process on Monday. This is not a day to miss, I think. In the afternoon it was the time for lunch, and Debbie and Ruben were together with us for the first time… The really enjoyed their first real Zanzibits lunch!

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