Sunday, June 28, 2009

Final Cut Pro and the Stone Town movie

Today’s warm up was very interested. We sang a cultural Swahili song and Debbie and Ruben had to dress up in kanga’s and kitenge’s… We had a great laugh!

Today’s lesson covered the basics of editing film using final cut pro. Debbie and Ruben explained many things about this process. And even though it was the first day any of the students had seen or heard of this program, they got to know how to import materials, select the video to edit, to put in a story body, cutting and adding the audio, putting some effects and transition, making a good color balance, adding text and saving the project. The class was really interesting to everyone, even for the trainers, because it was also the first time for them using such a piece of software.

We also discussed a little bit about the Stone Town movie that we are going to make. Everyone came up with his/her idea’s to make the Stone Town movie a success : the history of Zanzibar, stone town buildings, slave market, stone town businesses, house of wonder, old fort , the Hamamni bath and much more…

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