Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stone Town as a set for our new film

Today’s class covered the list of idea’s for the Stone Town movie that we are going to make and the way of finding locations to film at. The warm up was another song from the Netherlands, and this time it really looked like the Zanzibits students came from Holland, because they were singing like Dutch people :)

Good going!

In the morning we collected some more idea for the stone town movie, and what I liked the most is every student came up with his/her original idea. The students are really thinking outside the box, which is a good thing. We also discussed about the schools that we are going visit in order to make the animations for ZIFF (Zanzibar International Film Festival).

After lunch it was time for the start of our stone town tour, looking for the location where we are going to shoot. Our journey started at the Al-riami academy, where Zanzibits is located, to Darajani, Darajani to Jaw’s corner, Jaw’s corner to Forodhani gardens, and it ended back at the Al-Riami building. It was a nice tour, especially for Debbie and Ruben, because they got to know a lot of place in stone town that they had not visited before. Besides that, they were tought a lot about the culture of Zanzibar by the Zanzibits students. They also saw new things like Zanzibar hand craft, henna drawing, boat making, spice drying and so on
They were really excited!

And so am I! Good going, all…

Guy (aka Mussa aka msa)

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