Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Zanzibar Film Festival

Friday July 3rd was the day our movies were shown at ZIFF, Zanzibar International Film Festival. We had arranged to be screened on two locations; one screening at daytime in The House of Wonders, a historic building in Stonetown also used for being the national museum of Zanzibar.

The second screening occurred on prime time at ZIFF’s biggest screen around 8pm. There were around four hundred people in the Old Fort at that moment. After a bit of a hassle with the technicians to get our film on screen, we were glad to come up to the stage with all of our students and explain to the audience what our project was about and how hard our students worked on making the animations. Of course no one better than the students themselves could explain; we later only added that we were very proud of them.

We got a lot of nice responses from the audience and it seemed all the students were satisfied with the fact that they were both directors and actors and now they were well known throughout Stonetown.

Later that night, when the last movie on the schedule was finished, we asked the staff if we could screen our movies again as a bonus for those who missed it or wanted to see it again. Luckily for us they agreed on it - making it our third ZIFF screening that day.

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