Thursday, August 13, 2009

New rules are announced

In the beginning of August the zanzibits team announced a new set of rules to their students in order to ameliorate the student’s attendance.

Salama, the school administrator in charge of communication announced to the team how the new system shall help us track students who are missing class and coming late. There are two cards, a blue card and a red card. A blue card shall be given for tardiness without a valid reason, and a red card shall be given to those who has already been given more than three blue cards :)

When someone gets a red card, he or she will have to stay home for three days, and if 2 red cards are received by a student, we are afraid he or she will not be able to attend the Media Lab.

Nevertheless there are exception to the rules, of course, as a genuine reason for not attending class (for example if a student fall ill) will not lead to a blue card. The students will, however have to produce a doctors letter to confirm their claim.

All I can say sofar: the new rules work magic! Thanks Katherine for your input.


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