Thursday, August 13, 2009

Welcoming Wilson

Sorry, this is a post I was planning to put online some time ago, but never got around to it... Three days before Rukia left for Nairobi, Wilson arrived to replace her. Rukia successfully completed contract, and all students were very sad to see her go. But, as these things go, without revolution no evolution…

Wilson introduced himself to the students and he explained to them what his mission is going to be, the coming six months: Wilson for be teaching the students, sharing ideas with the staff on how to best manage and NGO as Zanzibits, he will be focusing on out of the box thinking and much, much more.

The students were happy because they will continue with their studies as was planned, and from an organizational point of view we are also very happy with your arrival, bro!

Karibu sana, Kaka!


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