Sunday, September 27, 2009

Media Lab is on!

Eid fitri celebrations are over and our students are in high spirit to start the media lab classes that commenced today. We had a great session with everyone giving us their experience on what they liked about the Eid celebrations. Thus everyone was eagerly waiting to hear who makes it to the media lab as a follow up to the last communication. After a consultative and fair process done, the management team agreed that all the students to proceed to the next class through their handwork and enthusiasm to learn more.

Our passion and desire as an organization has been and is empowering youths around Zanzibar with creative skills and using the technology to better their lives and change the community they live in.

We are honored also to meet Mr. Mohammed who is a youth in Zanzibar and has been working as a freelancer in the video shooting industry and at the moment he is training two of our staff (Mbarak and Suleiman) on how to use the new video camera that we purchased. In future we would like to do more of this volunteer ship programs with youth around Zanzibar.

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