Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Zanzibits & the Dam to Dam Marathon in Amsterdam

We made it!

Holland’s biggest running event (and according to some the world’s largest running event, with more than 68.000 participants), the Dam tot Dam run (10 English miles) was held last weekend in Amsterdam, and Zanzibits was well represented. The three Zanzibits runners took part sdf in the event in order to raise funds for the Film &
Multimedia centre on Zanzibar, and made it to the finish. No records were broken in the process, but there was much rejoicing!!!

The run started at 19.35 in the evening, just behind the central train station of Amsterdam, and ended almost 2 hours later in Zaandam, a small city just north of

The goal of the participation was to raise funds for the media lab course of 2009 and the first three courses of 2010. Up to now, we have raised an amount of € 4.207 euro, but donations are still coming in, which is great. Our goal was to reach the € 6.000 euro mark, so if you haven’t donated yet, you \are most welcome to help us out.

Also, the Wilde Ganzen Foundation has agreed to top up the amount that was raised during this specific event, so if we make it to our set target of € 6.000, we can safely say that the Dam to Dam run was a great success for Zanzibits.

Thank you all for your great support, and we hope to welcome you at our centre in the future.


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Rukia said...

nyce n good effort there..

Keep up the good spirit. ;-)))))